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Welcome First Timers…that would be anyone reading this :)

Back to basics

Back to basics

Hey, and thanks for stopping by. So I’m a drummer…well, I’m more than that, obviously. I’m a husband, a father, a dreamer, a wannabe innovator, and an OK cook.

Ok, so this blog is not about “drumming”, per se; though I could have a great conversation with anyone regarding that topic. No, I’m writing this because I feel there’s a lack of understanding, or better yet, the desire to understand the basics of the life that we live. A rudiment, in the “drummist” community, is a basic sticking pattern that you learn. These patterns start simple, but gradually get more difficult over time. Their complexity is pretty mind boggling, but they all begin with and are rooted in a solid foundation of the basics.

There are many areas of life that I feel we collectively as a society are missing the boat when it comes to the basics, and by no means am I excluded from that list. This is probably what I’ll dwell on mostly here; the basics of love, relationships, business, faith, ethics, passions and really, who knows what else.

So yeah, thanks for swinging by; feel free to check back often. I may actually write a second post before 2010.

One Love-



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